Here’s what some of our customers are saying about us:

1. Buying a home in this market is quite the task and can be extremely stressful. You need someone you can count on and trust, and will be in your corner when you need encouraging. Mr. Guillaume is not shy of fitting this character. He is professional, prompt, courteous, and reliable. Mr. Guillaume always returned my calls without delay and worked with me tirelessly as often as needed, reassuring me with faith and confidence that there was light at the end of this process. I highly recommend his professional service and skills for all of your Real Estate needs. Mr. Marlon Dallas, a satisfied home Buyer/Owner.

2. Yes, good service can make or break a business. Your first impression could be your last, you have to make it count. Hire more professional like, Jacques Guillaume, and you will continue to have a successful business.

3.  The respect he gives myself and my family members; I like his punctuality, his knowledge of the business, etc.

4. I can appreciate the professional and courteous service I received from Solstice Realty. Solstice Realty was very reliable and accountable in all areas of service. Solstice Realty supported my faith and confidence, despite the outcome. As I am sure the same professional service will spill over in all areas of expertise. Solstice Realty exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend Solstice Realty for all of your service needs. Mrs. Patricia Dallas, Satisfied Custmer

5.  What I like about Solstice Realty’s service is his great work ethic that Mr. Jacques Guillaume is doing.

6. I have worked with Jacques Guillaume for a few years now and he is always on top of things. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. I would give him a 100 every time. Nikki

7. There was not one thing that we disliked about the service that we received from Solstice Realty in particular Jacques Guillaume. He was kind and thoughtful and was sure to put our needs and best interests before anything else. Barbara Coursey & Breon A. Lucas

8.  Continue providing quality services to customers.

9. With Solstice Realty, service comes first, last and always. If our customers are happy, we’re happy.

10. “Right at the first conversation I knew my real estate was in competent hands at Solstice Realty. A friendly and knowledgeable broker guided me through every step of finding a new home, and I realize now that I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. Thank you!”

11. “Detailed and kind advice, no hassles, no rip-offs: We had three offers in just a week and wound up with a fantastic new rental. There is no better way to find property in Jacksonville, and we’d choose Solstice Realty again without hesitation.”

12. “A sudden downturn in the markets forced us to move out of our beautiful family home and into a smaller house. But we weren’t willing to sell the old house just yet – it was a family heirloom. We had a hard time leasing the house, and just when the battle seemed all but lost, Solstice Realty found a responsible family to rent our cherished house. Our finances are back on track and the house is in good hands, thanks to Solstice Realty!”

13. Sincères félicitations, by Madame Elizenda Innocent de la France. Je viens de visionner les quatre pages du document, je suis vraiment en admiration. C’est magnifique. Tout ce qui est professionnel m’émerveille. Vous les avez réalisés en un temps record.

14. Jacques, all I can say is THANK YOU! Since 2007 when you started managing my house, I’ve had PEACE of MIND. Your proactiveness and communication has made this very easy for me. I’ve only visited the house once since 2007 and it’s all because I know you have things under control and I have nothing to worry about. As a military personnel with frequent transfers/deployments, I feel blessed to find a manager like you. I just want to take a moment to say: THANKS!

Stella Obayuwana(Monday, March 04 13 04:07 pm EST)

15. “Jacques, We are very pleased with the professionalism that your people in Haiti demonstrated this past week.  I really feel that God led us to the right company. Thank you very much.”  Tim Butikofer, from Federal Hybrids

16. “From the first moment of contact with Mr. Guillaume, I felt at ease. He addressed all of my questions with confidence, patience, and an in-depth knowledge in his field of expertise.” Norma Charles

17. “There’s No Place Like Home, Especially When Jacques Guillaume Is Your Realtor!” A few years ago a situation reared its head which caused me to have to sell my primary residence.  In walked Realtor Jacques Guillaume (the only thing he was missing was a cape.)  Although I knew Jacques as a fellow board member and countryman, I didn’t know of his professional work ethic and business acumen.  This realtor is a man of extensive real estate knowledge, competence, valor, integrity, character, PATIENCE, has great communication skills, attentive to his clients, keeps you abreast of progress (or lack of thereof with dealing with the banks,” etc…and he is from the mother land of Haiti! On top of that he’s also an author.  Jacques is one of the good guys. I highly and unequivocally recommend using Jacques Guillaume and Solstice Realty the next time you need to buy or sell a home!  Thanks for everything.”              Maggy Dartiguenave

I was in the market for a home for a while and nothing went right. The minute I called Solstice Realty, in less than a week, I was all over the place with them, and I found my house. I’m elated with joy; it doesn’t matter at what time I call Jacques, he always answers me right away, either by phone, text or email. I would recommend Jacques to any one, great personality, professional by excellence of course. He’s funny and confident, and his team is just awesome. Words really can’t describe how amazing my experience with Solstice Reality was. He deserves more than 5 stars, M. Chevalier.

“His service of excellence is astounding. He is very honest and professional. He always answers to his phone, texts, and/or emails. My wife and I are very pleased that we chose Jacques Guillaume as our realtor to help us through the process of securing our first house,” Mr. VJ.

“Mr Guillaume’s Professionalism, due diligence and steadfast focus is what you are getting when you hire him to buy/sell real estate/property management. Mr Guillaume’s expertise and skill sets were very evident in helping me to acquire my first rental property. I highly recommend Mr Guillaume for  any real estate/ Property Management Transaction,” Ms. Pam.

“In 2015 Jacques Guillaume help me buy a house. He is really dependable, always on time, answers questions, and really knowledgeable about the real state. I was satisfied about the service provided by Jacques Guillaume,” Mr. Guermon.